Millie Musgrave, recreation director, as Minnie Mouse

It was all about the mouse on Nov. 18, 2015, at Valley View Villa in Fort Morgan, Colorado.


The activity department held a party for residents and associates celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 88th birthday. Many associates dressed in Mickey Mouse clothing, from scrubs to sweatshirts to a full Minnie Mouse costume.


“There were many Mickey Mouse ears all over the building, and many of the residents wore them at the party,” said Gayle Steffan, marketing director.


Each resident received a name tag with a Disney character on it, and some community children came to visit and make Mickey and Minnie ornaments with the residents that they could hang on a Christmas tree or in their rooms. The party also featured a magic act.


“I never knew too much about Mickey Mouse, but the little children at the party were so cute,” said one resident.


In contrast, another resident shared, “We were all crazy about Mickey Mouse when we were younger, but we had to work in the fields, so we never got to go to the movies, and we didn’t get TV until I was a teenager, but I saw the Mickey Mouse Club when I got older.”


Residents chatted at the party about the members of the original club and how Mickey was everybody’s friend and a good will ambassador.


The facility may make the birthday party an annual event.